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Der Reykjafoss

The Reykjafoss

Coordinates 65° 29′ 40.9″ N, 19° 22′ 57.7″ WCoordinates 65° 29′ 40.9″ N, 19° 22′ 57.7″ W
Reykjafoss (Island)

Location Norðurland vestra, Iceland
Height 20 m
Number of drop steps 2
River Svartá/Húseyjarkvisl → Héraðsvötn

Reykjafoss is a waterfall in the northwest of Iceland.

This waterfall is located south of the ring road at Varmahlíð and can be reached from there via Skagafjarðarvegur T752. The Svartá falls here around 20 m[1] in two or more steps. Downstream it becomes the Húseyjarkvísl and flows into the Héraðsvötn

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