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Remscheider Straße 30

The residential and commercial building at Remscheider Straße 30 is a historic building in the Bergisch city of Wuppertal in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Location and history

The slate house, which is now a listed building, is located in the borough and district of Ronsdorf (Blutfinke residential quarter) on the western side of Remscheider Straße. It is one of the few buildings on this side of the street that remained intact during the air raid on Ronsdorf. The original building of the Catholic parish church of St. Joseph to the north was severely damaged in this raid and later had to be demolished due to dilapidation and replaced by a modern new building. Also the formerly practically adjacent restaurant Rheinischer Hof is no longer standing today. About 100 metres further south, the residential building Remscheider Straße 46 and the former Prussian Bandwirkerschule as well as the Steigerturm Ronsdorf in Talsperrenstraße are still preserved as architectural monuments. On the opposite side of the street, the buildings Remscheider Straße 33 (restaurant Zum Bergischen Haus) and the residential and commercial buildings Remscheider Straße 35, 43, 45 and 47 are still standing as historic structures. The former historic residential building Remscheider Straße 41, built in a half-timbered construction, became dilapidated due to a long-lasting renovation backlog and could no longer be preserved. It was therefore removed from the list of monuments, subsequently demolished completely and replaced by a new building.

Even though the exact date of construction of the house at Remscheider Straße 30 is not known, the lower monument authority of the city of Wuppertal dates its construction to the first half of the 19th century.

Description and current use

The house, which in contrast to the neighbouring buildings from the post-war period appears rather squat, was built due to its hillside location on a basement that rises high towards the street front and is today plastered and painted dark grey. Here in the basement or low ground floor is today a retail shop, which has its own entrance to the street front, which is accessible via a staircase slightly descending from street level and has a small shop window on both sides. Above the basement level, the street-facing eave-roofed house with two full stories was built as a half-timbered structure. Neither the slate cladding nor the windows with their frames, which are arranged asymmetrically towards the street, have any ornamental elements worth mentioning. At the rear, where the entrance to the house is also located, there is an adjoining extension at right angles, which is also made of slate.

Monument protection

The entire building was entered in the monument list of the city of Wuppertal on 22 November 1994 under the number 3535.

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