Reinhard von Gemmingen-Hornberg (1710–1775)

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Reinhard von Gemmingen-Hornberg (1710-1775)

Knight’s Cross of the Military Order of Maria Theresa

Reinhard von Gemmingen-Hornberg (* 16 July 1710 in Darmstadt; † 27 November 1775 in Kochendorf) was a field marshal lieutenant in the imperial army and fiefdom holder at Kochendorf.


Reinhard was the elder son of the Hesse-Darmstadt Privy Councillor and later Director-General of the Imperial Knighthood, Reinhard von Gemmingen-Hornberg (1677-1750). Before he was 18, he joined the 42nd Infantry Regiment of the Imperial Army and fought in numerous campaigns in Italy, the Netherlands, and on the Rhine. In 1734 he was in Naples, and in 1737 he fought against the Turks at the siege of Usiza. In 1739 he became a major in the Ouelli regiment, and later in the Gaisrück regiment. In the battle of Dettingen in 1743 he gained such merit that the English king offered him a regiment of his own. In 1745 he was colonel and regimental commander. In 1755 he was promoted to major general. In the Prussian War he rose to the rank of field-marshal lieutenant in 1757, was wounded in the skirmish at Holzberg and in the battle of Breslau, and was also briefly taken prisoner of war during the siege of Breslau. At the Battle of Hochkirch, on October 14, 1758, he made his mark in battle against Prussian troops, and was subsequently awarded the Military Order of Maria Theresa.[1] In 1759 he had a corps command on the Bohemian frontier, where he secured the retreat of the Ahremberg corps, but then had to surrender himself. At Pretschendorf he was again taken prisoner. Later he became lieutenant-general field marshal at Brünn, and in 1769 was given the regiment Gaisrück, until 1775, when he took the name Gemmingen.

Since the death of his brother Eberhard August (1717-1758) Reinhard was the sole owner of the castle fief in Kochendorf. In 1767, Emperor Joseph II awarded him another two-thirds of the Blutbann over Kochendorf. He died in 1775 and was buried in the church of Neckarzimmern.


From 1743 he was married to Sophia Friederica vom Stein (1715-1776), an aunt of the Freiherr vom und zum Stein. Nine children were born of the union, but only three of them reached adulthood.


  • Reinhard (1744-1772) was first a Benedictine in Fulda, later briefly in the military, then in the mining industry
  • Charlotte Luise (1745-1759)
  • Franz Karl Friedrich (1747-1814) succeeded his father in the feudal succession
  • Franziska Dorothea (1750-1781) remained unmarried


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