Refectory of the Army Officers’ School

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The Mensa of the Army Officers’ School is a canteen in the Graf Stauffenberg Barracks in Dresden. The building is located on Marienallee or Stauffenbergallee in the Albertstadt district.


With the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Army Officers’ School was relocated from Hanover to Dresden, the traditional garrison of Army officer training. After the restoration of the former officers’ casino from 1903, the building was returned to its former purpose. The dining and club rooms were newly built and fit into the orthogonal structure of the former barracks complex. At the same time, the building marks the edge of the slope of the Prießnitz valley and, together with the old casino and the military wing of the barracks, forms a central open space which is also used as a beer garden. The building was constructed between 1995 and 1998 by Fritz Auer, Carlo Weber & Partner as a single-storey, pavilion-like structure with a “transparent outer shell”[1] erected. “Clarity, openness and comprehensibility” characterize the building.

“Cheerful, loosened facades and airy, light materials allow vistas and cross-references … the play of light and shadow, supported by filigree constructions, not only brings their transparent facades to life again and again in changing light.[1]

However, the structure shown here is not open to the public.


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