Rampsgill Beck

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Rampsgill Beck

Der Rampsgill Beck

The Rampsgill Beck

Location Cumbria, England
River system Eden
Drainage via Howegrain Beck → Sandwick Beck → Ullswater → Eamont → Eden → Irish Sea
River basin district North West
Origin between Rampsgill Head and The Knott
54° 30′ 27″ N, 2° 52′ 5″ W
Confluence with the Bannerdale BeckCoordinates 54° 33′ 4″ N, 2° 52′ 24″ W
54° 33′ 4″ N, 2° 52′ 24″ W

The Rampsgill Beck is a river in the Lake District, Cumbria, England. The Rampsgill Beck originates between the Rampsgill Head and The Knott. The river flows in a northerly direction and joins the Bannerdale Beck to form the Howegrain Beck.