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PyMusique is a computer program written in Python that can download songs from Apple’s iTunes Music Store. The program was first released by Travis Watkins, Cody Brocious and Jon Lech Johansen in March 2005.

In contrast to the program iTunes provided by Apple, PyMusique stores the songs unencrypted.

Within three days, Apple changed its software, initially preventing access via PyMusique. Shortly afterwards, PyMusique was adapted so that it worked again.

According to Jon Lech Johansen, PyMusique was no longer actively developed shortly after its release. Instead, efforts were concentrated on the further development of SharpMusique. This program, as well as a slightly adapted version of PyMusique, could be used to purchase songs from the iTunes Music Store until the summer of 2006. Shortly after the release of iTunes 7, Apple stopped this by making access to the Music Store impossible with iTunes 5.

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