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Pyloroplasty, OPS-2019 5-43 Incision, excision, and resection of the stomach, is the medical term used to describe an operation in which a narrowed stomach outlet is widened to facilitate gastric emptying. The procedure is one of the drainage operations.[1][2]


Pyloroplasty may be indicated in:[1]

  • Gastric outlet stenosis
  • Duodenal ulcer
  • pre-stomach pull
  • together with a fundoplication

Operating principle

The first documented surgery was performed in 1886 by Walter Hermann von Heineke[3][4], and in 1888 Johann von Mikulicz performed a similar operation for a gastric ulcer. After these two surgeons, the procedure used is called pyloroplasty according to Heineke-Mikulicz.[5]

The procedure can be performed laparoscopically or openly.

There are different surgical techniques:[2][1]

  • Pyloromyotomy according to Ramstedt-(Weber): longitudinal section of the annular musculature at the pylorus and distension without opening the mucosa, in hypertrophic pyloric stenosis of the infant[6]
  • Pyloroplasty according to Heineke-Mikulicz: longitudinal incision and transverse closure of the pylorus, dilatation plasty[7]
  • Pyloroplasty according to Finney: longitudinal section of the pylorus and the anterior end of the duodenum, side-to-side anastomosis (gastroduodenostomy)[8]
  • Pyloroplasty according to Jaboulay: opening of the stomach above and the duodenum below the pylorus, side-to-side anastomosis with bypassing of the pylorus[9]

Often the procedure is combined with a vagotomy.[10]

An alternative may be balloon dilatation if indicated.[11]


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