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Philipp Abresch (born 15 July 1975 in Kevelaer[1]) is a German journalist.


Abresch grew up in Wesel in the Lower Rhine region of Germany[2] and graduated from the Andreas-Vesalius-Gymnasium in 1995[1][3] He then studied political science at the Free University of Berlin until June 2003 and also worked in radio and for the NDR youth programme N-Joy. In 1999 he documented the situation of children in Macedonia and Kosovo, for which he distributed disposable cameras to the children in Kosovo. With the German Society for Technical Cooperation and under the patronage of Yoko Ono, he repeated the project in 2002, distributing disposable cameras to 500 children in 45 countries and using the results to produce the illustrated book imagine, your photos will open my eyes.[1]

In August 2004, Abresch began his traineeship at Norddeutscher Rundfunk.[1] He subsequently worked for NDR in Lebanon, Iraq and the Balkans. In 2009 he became a correspondent in the ARD studio in Singapore.[4] On 1 February 2011, he became head of the ARD Tokyo studio in Japan. In this role, he came into the public spotlight when he reported on the Fukushima nuclear disaster on 11 March 2011 and its aftermath.[5] In 2014, he returned to Singapore as studio director, reporting from there on 13 Asian countries[4] and remained there until 2017.[6] Since 2019, he has been hosting the podcast Weltspiegel Thema on the ARD programme Weltspiegel.[7]


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