Petrus Bockelmann

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Epitaphs for Petrus Bockelmann (right) and Hermann Tast (left) in the Marienkirche (Husum)

Petrus Bockelmann or Peter Bo(c)kelmann (* 22 February 1505 in Brunswick; † 20 August 1576 in Husum) was a German Lutheran theologian.

Life and work

As a young man, Bockelmann experienced the introduction of the Reformation in Brunswick, where the first Lutheran sermons were preached in 1524 and the church order written by Johannes Bugenhagen came into force in 1528. He studied theology at the University of Wittenberg with Martin Luther and Philipp Melanchthon. Immediately afterwards, in 1527, he went to Husum, where he became the first rector of the newly founded scholars’ school, today’s Hermann Tast School. In 1540 he moved to Hattstedt as pastor. In 1552 he succeeded Hermann Tast as preacher in Husum. He worked there until his death in 1576. Bockelmann’s colleague and adversary Johannes Hamer became his successor in office.

In the Lord’s Supper controversy he was on the side of the Hamburg theologian Joachim Westphal, to whom he was on friendly terms. Accordingly, two surviving publications have Bockelmann’s eucharistic questions as their subject.

His son Hermann Bockelmann († 1583) was pastor in Oldenswort.


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