Peter Thomas (Fußballspieler)

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Peter Thomas (born 17 March 1959) is a German former football player who played for BSG Chemie Buna Schkopau in 1981/82 in the GDR-Oberliga, the highest division of the GDR Football Association

Until 1981, Thomas played football with the Betriebssportgemeinschaft (BSG) Aktivist Geiseltal-Mitte in the fourth-class Bezirksklasse Halle (Saale) and worked as a car mechanic. In July 1981, he moved to the Oberliga promoted BSG Chemie Buna Schkopau. Although nominated for the Oberliga team, Thomas, who was only 1.66 m tall, was only used in the junior Oberliga in the first round of the 1981/82 season. He did not play his first game in the GDR-Oberliga until 27 February 1982, when he was substituted in the final minute of the matchday 15 encounter between Energie Cottbus and Buna Schkopau (0-0). Until the 20th matchday he remained a substitute each time, in the 21st round he was in the starting eleven for the first time. This was repeated four more times, each time he was called up as a midfielder. In total, Thomas played 12 GDR-Oberliga games until the end of the season, but remained without scoring a goal. After only one season, BSG Chemie had to be relegated from the Oberliga as the worst team. Thomas played for Schkopau until 1990 in the second-class GDR league.


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