Peter Bogel

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Peter Bogel (born April 27, 1959)[1] is a former German basketball player.


Bogel won the 1988 GDR championship title with HSG TU Magdeburg, replacing the serial winner BSG AdW Berlin.[2] In 1989 he became champion again with Magdeburg.[3] Bogel was called up to the GDR squad and took part in international matches.[4]

As an official, Bogel served as vice-president and manager of BBC Magdeburg,[5] which played in the 2. Bundesliga ProA during part of his tenure before the club had to file for bankruptcy.[6] He had once been a founding member of the club.[7]

In the senior men’s field, Bogel, who worked professionally as a press officer for Trinkwasserversorgung Magdeburg GmbH (TWM), participated[8] participated as a player in German championships.[9]


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