Père Marie-Benoît

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Father Marie-Benoît, “le père des juifs”

Father Marie-Benoît Péteul (born Piere Péteul, * 30 March 1895 in Le Bourg-d’Iré, Département Maine-et-Loire; † 5 February 1990) was a French Capuchin friar. Apart from his religious name, he was also known as Père des juifs (“Father of the Jews”).

During World War II, he helped about 4000 Jews from southern France to escape to Spain, Switzerland and Italy. Later he became a member or president of the Jewish welfare organization DELASEM(Delegazione per l’Assistenza degli Emigranti Ebrei). As a rescuer of Jews, he is counted among the Righteous Among the Nations and was included in the Avenue of the Righteous of the Yad Vashem Memorial.[1]


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