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Community Engelskirchen

Coordinates 50° 58′ 40″ N, 7° 22′ 1″ O

Height: 153 m above sea level
Zip code: 51766
Area code: 02263
Perdt (Engelskirchen)

Location of Perdt in Engelskirchen

Perdt is a village in the municipality of Engelskirchen in the Oberbergischer Kreis district in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany.

Location and description

The village is located in the southwest of Engelskirchen in the valley of the Agger. Neighbouring villages are Loope, Dumpe, Lüdenbach and Staadt.[1]


In 1413, the Kämmereiregister for the Fronhof Lindlar mentions the village with the place name “Peedd”.[2] In the map Topographische Aufnahme der Rheinlande of 1825 the place with several enclosed court rooms is called “Perd”. The Prussian original map of 1845 shows the place with the names “Alt Perdt” and “Perdt”. As of the topographic map of 1896, the place name Alt Perdt is no longer used.[3]

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