Paul Hofmann (Theologe, 1798)

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Paul Hofmann OSB (* 2 October 1798 in Vienna; † 30 April 1842 ibid; civil name Ferdinand Hofmann) was an Austrian Roman Catholic Benedictine, theologian and schoolman.


Hofmann entered the Schottenstift in 1815 after attending the Vienna Schottengymnasium and the philosophical grades, completed the study of theology at the University of Vienna, took religious vows in 1819 and was ordained priest in 1821. Also in 1821 he taught for the first time at the Schottengymnasium and was commissioned to write Greek reading books for the two humanities classes. In 1823 he was briefly cooperator in Gaunersdorf, and in 1824 he received his doctorate in theology. From 1825 until his death he taught the humanity classes at the Schottengymnasium.

At the University of Vienna he was elected Procurator of the Austrian Nation in 1831, in 1832 he was Dean of the Faculty of Catholic Theology, and from 1833 permanent Notary of the Faculty. In 1842 he was appointed examiner from pastoral theology. Throughout his life he also devoted himself to the study of oriental languages and later also of Sanskrit. In 1842 he died unexpectedly at the age of only 43.


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