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Heinrich Otto August Haeseler (born 19 December 1853 Esbeck; † 15 November 1928 in Hanover)[1] was a German physicist, high school and university teacher.


Otto Haeseler attended the Gymnasium Andreanum in Hildesheim from Easter 1865 to Easter 1873. He then studied mathematics and natural sciences at the universities of Leipzig, Erlangen and Göttingen until the end of September 1876. In 1873 he became a member of the Corps Thuringia Leipzig.[2] In March 1877 he passed the examination pro facultate docendi in Göttingen. In October 1877 he became a probationary teacher and in April 1878 a full teacher at the 2nd Realschule Hannover. Until 1919 he taught mathematics and physics as a senior teacher. One of his students was the Jewish writer Werner Kraft, whom he taught mathematics and physics from the lower secondary school to the upper primary school.[3]

In addition to his school teaching activities, he also read physics for veterinarians at the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, which appointed him associate professor of physics.[4][5] In the Festschrift published in 1929 on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the University of Veterinary Medicine Hanover from 13 to 15 June 1928, he was honoured with a necrology.


  • Appointment as Privy Councillor
  • Award of the honorary doctorate of a Dr. med. vet. h. c. of the University of Veterinary Medicine Hanover[2][4]


  • Memorial speech for the deceased director of the Leibnizrealgymnasium, Dr. Karl Waldemar Meyer, held in the assembly hall of the Leibnizrealgymnasium in Hanover on 30 April 1887, 1888


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