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Type: Amateur Radio Satellite
Country: United StatesVereinigte Staaten United States
COSPAR ID: 1965-108C
Mission data
Mass: 13 kg
Launch: 21. December 1965, 14:00 UTC
Launch pad: Cape Canaveral LC-41
Launch vehicle: Titanium IIIC 3C-8
Status: burned up on April 12, 1976
Web data[1]
Turnaround time: 587.4 min
Trajectory Slope: 26,8°
Apogee height: 33561 km
Perigee height: 162 km

OSCAR 4 was a US amateur radio satellite.

It was launched on 21 December 1965 with a Titan IIIC rocket from Cape Canaveral AFS Launch Complex 41. A geostationary orbit was planned, but due to a partial failure of the launch vehicle, it was not achieved. The satellite operated until March 16, 1966 and re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere on April 12, 1976.

The first satellite connection between the USA and the USSR was made on 22 December 1965 via OSCAR 4.

Its COSPAR designation was 1965-108C.

Web links

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