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Olaf Thorsen in concert.

Olaf Thorsen, also Olaf Thörsen, (born September 27, 1971 in Viareggio, Italy as Carloandrea Magnani) is a metal guitarist.


He only started playing the guitar at the age of almost 20. After starting to study modern foreign languages, however, he soon switched to studying music in Milan and Florence. He wrote his first song in 1991 with Salem. His first band was Labyrinth, formed in 1991. His current band is Vision Divine, where he has played guitar since its formation in 1999. Fabio Lione, his former bandmate from Labyrinth, is also a vocalist there. He left Labyrinth in 2001 to fully concentrate on his band Vision Divine, which was originally planned as a solo project. In the fall of 2009, a reunion of Olaf Thorsen with Labyrinth was announced. In 2010, the new joint album “Return to Heaven Denied 2” was released. This was followed by a European tour as guests of Sonata Arctica, which took place from February to the end of March 2011 and also brought him to Germany. He also opened for Ozzy Osbourne on July 5, 2010 and Iron Maiden on August 17, 2010. He is also scheduled to support the latter at the Sonisphere Festival in summer 2011.

Currently a new album is being created for Vision Divine, which the band will complete in May 2012. For the 1st of May 2012 Olaf Thorsen could realize a long cherished dream and will be on stage under the motto “Italy’s got voices” together with his friends and band mates Fabio Lione (Vision Divine/Rhapsody of Fire), Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth) and Morby (Domine).

His favorite song is Painkiller by Judas Priest. Olaf’s endorsers since summer 2010 are Ibanez Guitars and Engl Amplifiers. At “Brazen Guitars” (Los Angeles) he has his own guitar line “Fantasy Thorsen”.

He lives with his family in Massa (Tuscany)


With maze

  • 1994 – Midnight Resistance
  • 1995 – Piece of Time
  • 1996 – No Limits
  • 1998 – Return to Heaven Denied
  • 1999 – Timeless Crime
  • 2000 – Sons of Thunder
  • 2010 – Return to Heaven Denied 2

With Vision Divine

  • 1999 – Vision Divine
  • 2002 – Send Me An Angel
  • 2004 – Stream of Consciousness
  • 2005 – Stage of Consciousness (Live-DVD)
  • 2005 – The Perfect Machine
  • 2009 – 9 Degrees West of the Moon

Participation in other albums

  • 1997 – Shadow Of Steel: Shadow Of Steel
  • 1998 – Eddy Antonini: When Water Became Ice
  • 1999 – Skylark: Belzebu
  • 2000 – Skylark: Divine Gates part 2: Gate of Heaven
  • 2001 – Cydonia: Cydonia

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