Oeagrus Beach

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Oeagrus Beach
Location Snow Island (South Shetland Islands)
Waters Bransfield Street
Geographical position 62° 44′ 5″ S, 61° 14′ 0″ WCoordinates 62° 44′ 5″ S, 61° 14′ 0″ W
Oeagrus Beach (Südliche Shetlandinseln)
Oeagrus Beach
Length 1,3 km

The Oeagrus Beach (English; Bulgarian бряг Еагър

Eagr) is a 1.3 km long beach in the north-east of Snow Island in the South Shetland archipelago. It is located west of St Sofroniy Knoll and south of Calliope Beach on the south side of President Head.

Bulgarian scientists named it in 2020 after King Oiagros from Greek mythology.

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