Northern Oblast (1936-1937)

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Location of the Northern Oblast in the RSFSR

The Northern Oblast(Russian Северная область, transliterated Severnaya oblast, wh. Transliteration Severnaya oblast’) was an administrative unit in the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic that existed from 1936 to 1937. The oblast was located in the northeast of the RSFSR and had a population of 2,262,255 (1937 census).[1] The administrative center was the city of Arkhangelsk.


The Northern Oblast emerged from the Northern Krai administrative unit, which existed from 1929 to 1936 and consisted of 65 rajons, in addition to the autonomous regions of Nenezki nazionalny okrug and the Komi Autonomous Oblast. Under the Soviet Constitution of 1936, the Northern Krai was dissolved on December 5, 1936, and its territories were divided between the Northern Oblast and the Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic of Komi. The Northern Oblast consisted of 54 rajons, three of which belonged to the Nenezki nazionalny okrug. The Northern Oblast was dissolved by the Central Executive Committee of the Soviet Union as early as September 23, 1937. Its territories were transferred to the newly formed Arkhangelsk Oblast and Vologda Oblast.[2][3]

Management structure

The following table lists the rajons of the Northern Krai as of December 5, 1936.[3]

Rajon Administrative center
Bereznikovsky rayon Beresnik
Biryakovsky rayon Biryakovo
Bolshesemelsky rayon* Chosseda-Chard
Kharovsky rayon Kharovsk
Kholmogorsky rayon Cholmogory
Gryazovetsky rayon Gregasovets
Yemezki rayon Jemezk
Kanino-Timanski rajon* Nizhnyaya Piosha
Kargopolsky rayon Kargopol
Karpogorsky rayon Karpogory
Kichmengsko-Gorodetsky rayon Kichmengsky Gorodok
Konoshsky rayon Konosha
Kotlasski rayon Kotlas
Krasnoborsky rayon Krasnoborsk
Kubeno-Osjorsky rayon Kubenskoye
Lalsky rayon Lalsk
Ledengski rayon Ledengskoje
Lensky rayon Yarensk
Leshsky rayon Sidorovo
Leschukonsky rayon Leschukonskoye
Meshduretsky rayon Schuiskoje
Mesensky rayon Mesen
Nikolsky rayon Nikolsk
Nizhne-Pechorsky* Oksino
Nyandomsky rayon Njandoma
Nyuksesky Ryon Njukseniza
Oneshsky rayon Onega
Oparinsky rayon Oparino
Pavinsky rayon Pawino
Pineshsky rayon Pinega
Plesetsky rayon Plesseszk
Podossinovsky rayon Podossinovets
Primorsky rayon Arkhangelsk
Priosjorny rayon Konyovo
Roslyatinsky rayon Rosljatino
Rowdinsky rayon Rowdino
Zhenursky rayon Schenkursk
Zyamzhensky rayon Jarygino
Sokolski rayon Sokol
Tarnorgsky rayon Tarnogsky Gorodok
Totemski rayon Totma
Cherevkovsky rayon Cherevkovo
Chobsarsky rayon Chobsara
Ust-Alexeyevsky rayon Ust-Alexeyevo
Ustyansky rayon Shanghai
Ust-Kubinsky rayon Ustje
Veliko-Ustyugski rayon Veliky Ustyug
Velsky rayon Welsk
Verkhne-Tojemsky rayon Verkhnyaya Toima
Verkhovashski rayon Verkhovashye
Vilegodsky rayon Ilyinskoye
Wochomski rayon Wochma
Voshegodsky rayon Woschega

Rajones of the Nenezki nazionalny okrug (*)

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