Nis Albrecht Johannsen der Jüngere

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Nis Albrecht Johannsen the Younger (* 11 March 1888 in Deezbüll; † 15 August 1967 ibid) was a North Frisian poet.

A schoolmaster from Deezbüll near Niebüll in the Bökingharde, he was a son of a writer of the same name and his wife Johannsen Meta Juliane Lützen (* 4 March 1856 in Niebüll; † 31 October 1946 in Flensburg). He began to engage in North Frisian dictionary work in the 1920s. In addition, he advocated native-language school instruction in North Frisian.

After the Second World War he was also committed to peaceful coexistence in the Danish-German-Frisian border region and was later one of the founding members of the Nordfriisk Instituut.

His estate of about 750 documents and that of his father are now administered by the Nordfriisk Instituut.

Later the Nis-Albrecht-Johannsen-Hauptschule in Risum-Lindholm was named after Johannsen.


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