Necropolis of Sos Laccheddos

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Necropolis of Sos Laccheddos

Badde Inza


The necropolis of Sos Laccheddos is located between the highway 127 bis and the Strada dell’Anglona, east of Sassari towards Osilo in the province of Sassari in Sardinia

It consists of two groups of domus de janas, not far from each other. Spread over an area of about two square kilometres, the 51 domus de janas in the region are divided into four necropolises: Badde Inza, Calancoi, Monte Barcelona and Sos Laccheddos, all of which probably belonged to the huge prehistoric settlement of Abealzu. The numerous eneolithic materials found, as well as the findings in the necropolis of Filigosa (near Macomer) gave their name to the cultures of Abealzu-Filigosa. The necropolis has been known since the end of the 19th century and was catalogued in the mid-20th century by Giuseppe Chelo (1938-2007)

The necropolis of Sos Laccheddos lies between the necropolis of Monte Barcelona and that of Calancoi. It consists of the northwest and southeast groups, with 15 and eight tombs respectively, almost all of which are multicellular and cut into the soft limestone. The majority are in poor condition, having been destroyed by breakthroughs and later extensions. Tombs V and XV were the subject of specific investigations.

To the west lies the giant tomb of Sos Laccheddos.

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