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Federal road 458 in Germany
Bundesstraße 458
Verlauf der B 458
Basic data
Operator: GermanyDeutschland Federal Republic of Germany
Overall length: approx. 33 km



Street address
Kreuzung in Fulda B254
Einmündung L 3377
Einmündung B27
Einmündung B27
Ortschaft Ende End of town Fulda
Ortschaft Anfang Start of town Petersberg
Einmündung L 3418
Einmündung L 3418
Einmündung L 3174
Ortschaft Ende End of town Petersberg
Anschlussstelle (92) Fulda-Mitte A7
Einmündung Böckels L 3429
Kreuzung L 3258
Ortsumfahrung Dipperz bypass
Einmündung L 3377
Ortsumfahrung Friesenhausen bypass
Kreuzung Hochrhönring L 3330
Template:AB/Maintenance/Leer Grabenhöfchen(680 mabove sea level)
Ortsumfahrung Dietges bypass
Einmündung L 3086
Ortsumfahrung Brand bypass (Hilders)
Ortsumfahrung Wickers bypass
Ortsumfahrung Findlos bypass
Ortschaft Anfang Start of Batten
Kreuzung B278

The Bundesstraße 458 (abbreviation: B 458) is a German federal road in the state of Hesse. It leads from Fulda (B 27) to the Rhön, where it meets and ends the B 278 in Batten. The length is about 33 kilometres. The highest point of the route is the “Grabenhöfchen” at around 680 m above sea level, also the pass at the watershed between Fulda and Werra.
Particularly interesting are the landscape of the Rhön (attractions in the vicinity are Milseburg, Steinwand and Wasserkuppe) as well as the very generous routing of the line with large cross-sections, wide radii, and some plan-free junctions.

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