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Natasha Vladimirovna Korolyova(Russian Наташа Владимировна Королёва; civil name Наталия Владимировна Порывай / Natalya Vladimirovna Poryvaj; * 31 May 1973 in Kiev, USSR, Soviet Union) is a Russian Estrada singer, film actress[1] and cookbook author of Ukrainian descent.

Natasha Korolyova 2009

Korolyova was awarded the title of “Honored Artist of Russia”. In 2003 she joined the United Russia party.[2]


In 1990 she recorded her big international hit Zhjoltye tjulpany(Russian Жёлтые тюльпаны, Eng. ‘Yellow Tulips’).

Private life

Her first marriage was to Igor Nikolaev (1992 to 2001), the second marriage is to Sergei Glushko (since 2003), known as the Russian “Tarzan”. The couple has one son.


Among others, she worked with the successful producer and songwriter Igor Nikolayev, to whom she was later married. From this tandem emerge several successful hits.


  • 1991 Жёлтые тюльпаны (‘Zhjoltye tjulpany’, Eng. “Yellow Tulips”)
  • 1992 Дельфин И Русалка
  • 1993 Поклонник
  • 1994 Бриллианты Слёз
  • 1995 Конфетти
  • 1997 Бриллианты Слёз
  • 2001 Сердце
  • 2003 Веришь Или Нет
  • 2006 Рай Там, Где Ты…
  • 2015 Магия Л…
  • 2016 Магия “Л”. Переиздание
  • 2019 Ягодка

Video clips (selection)

  • Жёлтые тюльпаны (Eng. “Yellow Tulips”)
  • Первый поцелуй (Eng. “The First Kiss”)
  • Под летним дождём (Eng. “Under a Summer Rain”)
  • Почему умирает любовь (Engl. “Why Love Dies”)
  • Киевский мальчишка (Engl. “The Kiev Boy”)
  • Подсолнухи (engl. “The Sunflowers”)
  • Неужели это я (Eng. “Well, that’s me”)
  • Маленькая страна (Eng. “Small Country”)
  • Мужичок с гармошкой (Eng. “Little Man with an Accordion”)
  • Палочка-выручалочка (engl. “The Magic Stick”)
  • Не умирай (engl. “Don’t die!”)
  • Лето кастаньет (Eng: “Summer of Castanets”)
  • Бриллианты слёз (Eng: “Diamonds of Tears”)
  • et al.[3]


  • Праздничный стол от Наташи Королевой. Просто вкусно! ISBN 978-5-17-056451-4 (Eng. “Festive Table by Natasha Korolyova. Simply Delicious!”)
  • Блюда для торжества и банкета. ISBN 978-5-17-060222-3 (Eng. “Dishes for feasts and banquets.”)


Natasha Korolyova is the founder and owner of her own beauty center.[4]

In December 1997, she appeared on the cover of the Russian edition of Playboy.

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