Mühlhausen (Breuberg)

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City of Breuberg

Coordinates 49° 48′ 2″ N, 9° 2′ 57″ O

Height: 171 m above sea level
Incorporation: 1.April 1950
Incorporated into: Rai-Breitenbach
Zip code: 64747
Area code: 06165

Ruin of the Mühlhäuser Schlößchen, cultural monument, highly endangered, without security measures

Mühlhausen is a hamlet, which belongs to the district Rai-Breitenbach of the city Breuberg in the southern Hessian Odenwaldkreis.

Geographical position

Mühlhausen lies as a hamlet without settlement character in the south of the city area of Breuberg in the deeply cut valley of the Breitenbach between the wooded heights of the Breitenbacher Kop and the Dammberg in the west and the Obersberg in the east. To the north of Mühlhausen lies the Mühlhäuser Hammer and to the south the ruins of the Mühlhäuser Schlößchen.


The earliest surviving documentary mention as Mulnhusen points to the year 1382.[1] In 1424 the place is documented as Mulhusen.[1] In the 14th century and still in 1445 the von Starkerad von Breuberg[2] and the von Erlenbach[3]whose families intermarried several times, shared the Oberste Mühle, formerly located south of the hamlet of Mühlhausen.[1] Still in 1730 only 2 centmen are recorded for Mühlhausen.[1]

In the Middle Ages and early modern times, the village belonged to the dominion of Breuberg. In 1806, Mühlhausen came to the Grand Duchy of Hesse with the Zent Höchst. After the dissolution of the old district structure in 1822, the town fell under the jurisdiction of the Höchst District Court, and after the Reichsjustizreform of 1877, it fell under the jurisdiction of the Höchst District Court in the Odenwald from 1879. In 1829 Mühlhausen had 36 inhabitants. On April 1, 1950, the previously independent community was incorporated into Rai-Breitenbach. Together with Rai-Breitenbach, Mühlhausen became part of the town of Neustadt in the run-up to the territorial reform in Hesse on 31 December 1970, which in turn merged with the town of Breuberg on 1 October 1971.


The state road L 3258 leads through Mühlhausen in south-north direction as the main connection between Lützelbach and Breuberg.

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