Monte Sud

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Monte Sud
Basic data
Inhabitants (status) 638 Inhab. (Census 2012)
Height 1928 m
Postal code 06-0101-0601-1001
Telephone area code (+591)
Coordinates 21° 29′ S, 64° 43′ WCoordinates 21° 29′ S, 64° 43′ W
Monte Sud (Bolivien)
Monte Sud (21° 29′ 8″ S, 64° 43′ 21″W)
Monte Sud
Departamento Tarija
Province Province of Cercado
Klimadiagramm Tarija
Climate diagram Tarija

Monte Sud is a village in the South American Andean country of Bolivia.

Location in the local area

Monte Sud is the second largest town in the canton of San Mateo, in the municipio of Tarija, in the province of Cercado. The town is located on the left, eastern bank of the Río El Monte, which flows eleven kilometers downstream in the town of Tarija into the Río Nuevo Guadalquivir, which downstream from Tarija after the union with the Río Camacho bears the name Río Tarija.


Monte Sud is conveniently located between the different climate zones of the country on the edge of the Andes, so that mostly mild and pleasant weather prevails (see climate diagram Tarija). In the rainy season between December and February (summer months) there are often thunderstorms with cloudbursts. The rest of the year has very little rainfall.

Due to centuries of clearing, the landscape has eroded and the region around Tarija is framed by bare mountain ranges. Once upon a time, the area around Tarija was the granary of Bolivia. Today, the region’s wealth, besides agriculture, is in natural gas.


The population of the village is one of the newly developed settlements near the large city of Tarija and has increased significantly in the past decade:

Year Inhabitants Source
1992 no details Census[1]
2001 22 Census[2]
2012 638 Census[3]

Transport network

Monte Sud is located at a distance of nine kilometres by road north of Tarija, the capital of the department.

The Ruta 1 highway runs through Tarija in a south-north direction, leading from Bermejo on the border with Argentina via Tarija, Potosí, Oruro and El Alto to Lake Titicaca and the border with Peru.

From Ruta 1, Calle Colón leads north past the town centre, and seven kilometres north of the town centre a spur road branches off to the west, reaching Monte Sud after another two kilometres.

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