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Language German
Network ContentView GmbH
Channels MontanaBlack
Foundation 5. August 2009 (MontanaBlack)
October 5, 2013 (SpontanaBlack)
Subscribers over 2,870,000 (MontanaBlack)
over 2,300,000 (SpontanaBlack)
Calls over 310,000,000 (MontanaBlack)
over 550,000,000 (SpontanaBlack)
Videos over 371 (MontanaBlack)
over 750 (SpontanaBlack)
Channel MontanaBlack88
Followers over 3,700,000
(as of April 7, 2021)

MontanaBlack (* 2. March 1988 in Buxtehude;[1][2] real name Marcel Thomas Andreas Eris; short also Monte)[1][3] is a German-Turkish web video producer and livestreamer whose performances are mainly about video games, such as Call of Duty, FIFA and Fortnite.[1] He publishes his videos several times a week on YouTube and broadcasts his livestreams via the live streaming video portal Twitch. Since 2018, he is considered the biggest German gaming livestreamer on Twitch.[4]


Eris was born in Buxtehude to a Turkish mother and a German father. He holds both German and Turkish citizenship.[5]

After his mother moved to a village, Eris stayed with his grandparents in Buxtehude[6] and completed an apprenticeship as a retail salesman after school.[7] In numerous videos (e.g.: “Reallife Story”) he lets his viewers share his former life on his YouTube channel. Eris was addicted to marijuana and cocaine for several years, but successfully fought his addiction some time ago and addresses the dangers of drug use on his YouTube presence.[3] His biography was released in March 2019 under the title MontanaBlack;[8] the book is subtitled “From Junkie to YouTuber”. The book spent several weeks at number one on bestseller lists in the non-fiction category.[9] Almost two years later, the sequel to his biography MontanaBlack II: From YouTuber to Millionaire was published.

Media appearance

Eris has been running his second YouTube channel since 2013. In addition to gaming videos, MontanaBlack also deals with everyday things in life in series like Realtalk. The second channel SpontanaBlack mainly focuses on the FIFA game series, as well as Mario Kart and Fortnite. However, Eris keeps the choice of content here largely free. According to the organizers, more than 1,000 fans came to fan meetings in Hamburg and Gütersloh.[10][11] On September 1, 2019, MontanaBlack became the first German channel to reach #1 on Twitch worldwide, with over 34,000 subscribers.[12] In a stream in early 2021, Eris stated he grossed over three million in total in 2019, which he stated was his most successful year.[13][14] In 2020, he was again among the most successful Twitch streamers in Germany.[15] Eris’ fans are mainly male.[6]


Eris’ Twitch account was suspended for 30 days in December 2018 after he made multiple racist comments. According to his own statement, he had not acted with racist intent.[8] After the streamer uttered expletives during a colleague’s live feed in October 2019, Eris’ Twitch profile was again restricted for 7 days.[16] Eris was also criticized for regularly calling a friend “the Jew” and for the 88 in Eris’ full player name, MontanaBlack88, standing for “Heil Hitler” in far-right circles. He himself insists that it is only his year of birth. In Der Spiegel, Judith Horchert writes that “these lapses are part of his recipe for success. The unusual mixture of unspeakable behaviour and winning nature makes him popular”.[6]

Eris has come under public criticism several times for inadequately labeled advertisements for online casinos.[17] In this context, among others, a house search was carried out at his home in January 2019.[18]

In September 2020, MontanaBlack was vacationing in Malta. During a livestream, he secretly took photos of a female hotel visitor on the balcony of his hotel room. One evening, he again started a livestream and walked the streets of Malta, filming women and making inappropriate comments. As a result, he was banned on Twitch for 33 days.[19]



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