Mizda municipality

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Munizip Mizda –مزدة
Inhabitants 41.476 (as of 2003)
Area 71.280 km²
Population density 0.58 inhabitants per km²
Coordinates 30° 0′ N, 13° 0′ OCoordinates 30° 0′ N, 13° 0′ O
Die Lage von Munizip Mizda in Libyen

The municipality of Mizda, Arabic.مزدة, DMG Mizda, is a former administrative division in the northwest of the Libyan Arab Republic. It became the main component of the newly formed Munizip al-Jabal al-Gharbi, whose capital is Gharyan, in 2007.


The entire territory of Mizda was home to 41,476 people (as of 2003), covering a total area of 72,180 km². Mizda bordered the following former municipalities:

  • Municipality of Bani Walid – Northeast
  • Surt Municipality – East
  • Municipality of al-Jufra – Southeast
  • Municipality of Wadi ash-Shati’ – South
  • Ghadamis Municipality – West
  • Nalut Municipality – Northwest, south of Yafran
  • Yafran Municipality – northwest, north of Nalut
  • Gharyan Municipality – North
  • Tarhuna wa-Msalata Municipality – North East