Miyako Pony

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Miyako Pony
Miyako uma.JPG
Important data
Origin: Miyako
Main breeding area: Miyako, Aguni
Distribution: Miyako, Aguni
Stick measurement: 142 cm
Colors: Bay, dun
Main application area: Horse riding, agricultural work

The Miyako p ony (Jap. 宮古馬, Miyako-uma) is a breed of pony from Miyako Island, part of Okinawa Prefecture in Japan. It is one of 8 endemic horse breeds still in existence in Japan, along with the Hokkaido, Kiso, Noma, Taishu, Misaki, Tokara, and Yonaguni ponies.

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The Miyako-pony has a stick-measurement of 142 cm and is usually from brown or falber color.

Breeding history

Into the small ponies originally present in Miyako, stallions from abroad were crossed during World War II to increase the size of the breed for agricultural work.

Around 1944, there were still about 10,000 Miyako ponies. Due to the motorization of agriculture, it was later on the verge of extinction and is now bred on two islands, Miyako and Aguni. In 1977, 15 animals of the breed still existed, in 1985 it reached a low of 8 individuals, after which its numbers increased to 25 in 1993, and in 2001 only 19 animals of the breed still existed.


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