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Michael Masula (born 24 March 1968 in Berlin) is a German theatre and film actor and ensemble member of the Vienna Burgtheater.


Masula grew up in Bergneustadt and completed his acting training in Cologne. He was a member of ensembles in Würzburg, Bielefeld and Dortmund, among others. Since the 1999/2000 season he has been engaged at the Burgtheater in Vienna. He has worked with Karin Beier, Jan Bosse, Andrea Breth, Dieter Giesing, Dimiter Gotscheff, Matthias Hartmann, Andreas Kriegenburg, Martin Kušej, Stefan Pucher, Jérôme Savary and Joachim Schlömer.

As a film actor, he appeared in Michael Kreihsl’s The Long Rain (2000), Caspar Pfaundler’s Schottentor (2008) and Oskar Roehler’s Jud Süss – Film ohne Gewissen (2009). As a television actor, he appeared, for example, as Theodor Herzl in the TV documentary Der Traum vom Gelobten Land: Theodor Herzl und das moderne Israel (2010) by Monika Czernin and in Hansjörg Thurn’s historical film Isenhart – Die Jagd nach dem Seelenfänger (2011).

Filmography (selection)

  • 2015: Crime Scene: Greed
  • 2016: Vorstadtweiber (TV series)
  • 2017: SOKO Donau – Over the Roofs of Linz
  • 2020: WaPo Bodensee – Defenceless

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