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Megan Leanne Still (after marriage: Marcks; born 19 October 1972 in Queanbeyan) is a former Australian rower. Together with Kate Slatter, she was the 1996 Olympic champion in the coxless double.


Megan Still began rowing in 1988, and in 1990 she competed in the Australian Eight at the World Junior Championships, finishing fourth. In 1991, she competed in the adult class in two boat classes at the World Championships: She finished eighth in the coxless four and 12th in the eight, while the 1991 line-up of the four with Jodie Dobson, Kate Slatter, Emy Snook and Megan Still remained together in the Olympic year, finishing sixth in the Olympic regatta.

In 1993, the boat of Slatter, Still, Gina Douglas and Courtney Johnstone finished sixth at the World Championships. In 1994, Alison Davies and Victoria Toogood joined Slatter and Still in the four that won the bronze medal at the World Championships in Indianapolis behind boats from the Netherlands and the USA; the complete four also sat in the Australian eight, which finished sixth

The following year, the Australian eight finished eighth at the World Championships in Tampere, Finland; Still and Slatter again competed in two boat classes, winning the world title in the unsteered double. The following year, Kate Slatter and Megan Still became the only Australians to win an Olympic gold medal in rowing at the Olympic Games in Atlanta (as of 2012)

Megan Still ended her career after the 1996 Olympics. She is married and has two children.

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