Medrese Churdshum

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In the foreground flat the Medrese Churdshum, behind it the big Medrese Alla Kuli Khan

The Churdshum Medrese or Khodjambery Bei Medrese (Uzbek : Xo’jashberdiboy Madrasasi) is a medrese or the structural remains of a medrese in Ichan Qalʼа, the historic old city of Khiva. It is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It stands directly in front of the much larger medrese Alla Kuli Khan


The Khodjambery Bei madrasa was the first madrasa to be built on the Palwan-Darwaza in 1688. 150 years later, Khan Chiwas Alla Kuli chose this place for the construction of a new medrese. For this, among other things, the main wall of the medrese Khodjambery Bei was destroyed. The rest of the old medrese was cut into two parts. Large parts served as the foundation of the new medrese Alla Kuli Khan. The new name Medrese Churdshum (German: Satteltasche) is derived from the two-part cutting.

The medrese is a mud-brick building with little external decoration.


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Coordinates 41° 22′ 39.5″ N, 60° 21′ 42.2″ O