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Maximilian Mauff at the Berlinale 2015

Maximilian “Max” Mauff (born 3 July 1987 in Berlin) is a German actor and radio play narrator.


Maximilian Mauff already acted as a child in Berlin theatre groups as well as in short films by the then directorial student Aelrun Goette. At 14, he was accepted into an acting agency and landed his first role in a feature film, the lead role of the teenage Tristan in Kai Wessel’s Das Jahr der ersten Küsse. He graduated from secondary school at 17 and has since appeared in numerous productions in cinema and television.[1] In 2008, the film Absurdistan starring Mauff was released and screened at the Sundance Film Festival, among other festivals. For In der Überzahl he received the actor award at the Max Ophüls Preis Film Festival in 2013.[2] In 2016, Mauff was awarded the Grimme Prize for his leading role in the film Patong Girl.[3]

Filmography (selection)

  • 1995: Besame Mucho (short film); director: Aelrun Goette
  • 1999: Train of wishes (short film Hff); Aelrun Goette
  • 2002: The Year of the First Kisses; Director: Kai Wessel
  • 2002: Quits, (short film); directed by Christoph Heckenbücker
  • 2004: Peas at half past six; Director: Lars Büchel
  • 2005: Weltverbesserungsmaßnahmen; Director: Jörn Hintzer, Jakob Hüfner
  • 2005: Kombat Sixteen; Director: Mirko Borscht
  • 2006: Burning Heart; Director: Manfred Stelzer
  • 2006: Crime Scene – Pauline; Director: Nikolaus Stein von Kamienski
  • 2006: Großstadtrevier – Lost and Found; Director: Felix Herzogenrath
  • 2006: Verschleppt – No way back; Director: Hansjörg Thurn
  • 2007: Tatort – Dying for the Heirs; Director: Lars Montag
  • 2007: Crime Scene – Rest Gently; Director: Manfred Stelzer
  • 2007: Crime Scene – Small Hearts; Director: Filippos Tsitos
  • 2007: The automatic death machine; director: Nikolaus Stein von Kamienski
  • 2007: The Detective – Dark Secret; Director: Thomas Jahn
  • 2007: R. I. S. – The Language of the Dead – Deadly Greetings; Director: Florian Schwarz
  • 2007: Happy tomorrow (short film); director: Bastian Terhorst
  • 2008: Absurdistan; Director: Veit Helmer
  • 2008: The Wave; Director: Dennis Gansel
  • 2008: The Reader; Director: Stephen Daldry
  • 2008: The Footwear of Soldiers (short film), director: Dustin Loose
  • 2008: Berlin Calling; Written & Directed by Hannes Stöhr
  • 2009: Männerherzen; Director: Simon Verhoeven
  • 2009: Polizeiruf 110 – Schweineleben; Director: Eoin Moore
  • 2009: Personal Injury; Director: Dustin Loose
  • 2009: Locked (Meat Master – Cut or in One Piece); Director: Oleg Assadulin
  • 2009: Mensch Kotschie; Director: Norbert Baumgarten
  • 2009: KRACHT; Director: Thorsten Wenning
  • 2010: SOKO Stuttgart – Incapacitated; Director: Daniel Helfer
  • 2010: Birthday Girl (short film); director: Andrej Gontcharov
  • 2010: A Royal Affair – The Risky Life of the Personal Physician Johann Friedrich Struensee; Director: Wilfried Hauke
  • 2010: SOKO Köln – Mitten ins Herz; Director: Richard Huber
  • 2011: The Fire; Director: Brigitte Maria Bertele
  • 2011: Polizeiruf 110 – Die Gurkenkönigin; Director: Ed Herzog
  • 2011: End of the closed season; Director: Franziska Schlotterer
  • 2011: Stromberg – season 5, six episodes as Jonas Fischer; director: Arne Feldhusen
  • 2011: Coast Guard – Weather Report; Director: Raoul W. Heimrich
  • 2012: Diaz – Don’t Clean Up This Blood; Director: Daniele Vicari
  • 2012: SOKO Wismar – Cold Pizza; Director: Oren Schmuckler
  • 2012: Kann ja noch kommen (Short film); Director: Philipp Döring
  • 2013: Outnumbered; Director: Carsten Ludwig
  • 2013: Hanna’s Journey; Director: Julia von Heinz
  • 2014: Patong Girl; Director: Susanna Salonen
  • 2014: Stromberg – The Movie; Director: Arne Feldhusen
  • 2014: Dina Foxx – Deadly Contact; Director: Max Zeitler
  • 2015: Victoria; Director: Sebastian Schipper
  • 2015-2018: Sense8; Director: Wachowskis, Tom Tykwer
  • 2015: Vineyard; Director: Till Franzen, Jan Martin Scharf
  • 2015: Bridge of Spies – Der Unterhändler (Bridge of Spies); Director: Steven Spielberg
  • 2015: Homeland (TV series, Episode 5×03)
  • 2016: We Are the Flood; Director: Sebastian Hilger
  • 2016: Strawberry Bubblegums; Director: Benjamin Teske
  • 2017: Welcome to the Honeckers; Director: Philipp Leinemann
  • 2017: The Invisibles – We Want to Live; Director: Claus Räfle
  • 2018: Safari – Match Me If You Can; Director: Rudi Gaul
  • 2019: Cleo; Director: Erik Schmitt
  • 2019: Crime Scene: The Monster from Kassel
  • 2019: A Hidden Life (A Hidden Life)
  • 2020: MaPa (TV series)
  • 2020: Babylon Berlin (TV series)

Radio plays

  • 2002: Readings – News from the poison cupboard – Ten little lies
  • 2010: Krabat (WDR radio play), Director: Angeli Backhausen
  • 2010: Before sunrise (WDR radio play), Director: Petra Feldhoff
  • 2010: Death in the Name of God (WDR radio play), Director: Petra Feldhoff
  • 2011: Angerichtet (WDR radio play), Director: Angeli Backhausen
  • 2012: The Forbidden World (SR radio play), Director: Steffen Moratz
  • 2012: Frontfoto (WDR radio play), Director: Anja Herrenbrück
  • 2012: Fast genial (WDR radio play), Director: Anja Herrenbrück
  • 2013: Wellenreiter (WDR radio play), Director: Tim Staffel
  • 2014: Dead Girls (NDR radio play), based on a novel by Richard Calder, directed by Martin Heindel
  • 2015: Ismael (SWR radio play) based on a novel by Michael Gerard Bauer, directed by Nicole Paulsen


  • 1998: Jonas, the little sailing ship, Director: Holm Gärtner


  • 2009: Film-Festival Zimbabwe: Best Leading Actor for the role of Temelko in Absurdistan
  • 2011: Film Festival Boulogne-Billancourt (Paris): Best Actor in a Leading Role for Absurdistan
  • 2011: Ohrkanus Young Talent Award: Best Narrator as Krabat in the radio play of the same name[4]
  • 2013: Film Festival Max Ophüls Preis: Best Newcomer Actor for In der Überzahl[5]
  • 2016: Grimme Award for Patong Girl

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