Maura and Krukenbek

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Maura and Krukenbek nature reserve
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Location Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Area 84 ha
Identifier NSG No. 208
WDPA ID 555588700
Geographical position 53° 39′ N, 10° 52′ ECoordinates 53° 38′ 50″ N, 10° 52′ 23″ O
Maura und Krukenbek (Schleswig-Holstein)
Maura und Krukenbek

Setup date 2013
Administration LLUR

Maura and Krukenbek is a nature reserve in the Schleswig-Holstein municipalities of Salem and Sterley in the district of Herzogtum Lauenburg.

The nature reserve, which covers approximately 84 hectares, is entered in the register of nature reserves of the Ministry of Energy Transition, Agriculture, Environment and Rural Areas under the number 208. It was designated at the end of 2013 (date of the decree: 19 November 2013). The nature reserve is part of the EU bird sanctuary “Schaalsee area” and for the most part part part of the FFH area “Amphibian areas west of Kittlitz”. The nature reserve “Schaalsee with Niendorfer Binnensee, Priestersee and Großzecher Küchensee, Phulsee, Seedorfer Küchensee and surroundings” adjoins in the south. The responsible lower nature conservation authority is the district of Herzogtum Lauenburg.[1]

The nature reserve is located southeast of Ratzeburg in the Lauenburg Lakes Nature Park. It protects the Maura forest and the surrounding extensively used grassland areas and the Krukenbek valley cut into a ground moraine with adjacent slope areas and other areas used for agriculture and forestry

The area is characterised by a mosaic of different biotope types. In the area of the Maura forest, for example, there are unused marsh and swamp forests with old and dead wood. The nature reserve also contains marshes and reed beds with water swathes and reed canary grass, numerous small water bodies with pondweed and floating leaf vegetation, wet grassland with sedge meadows and tall herbaceous vegetation, and a regenerating fen complex. In the marginal and slope areas, grasslands and dwarf shrub heaths dominated by broom heath, pioneer woodlands with beech, oak, pine and birch trees, as well as sandy grasslands and open sandy meadows can be found.

The nature reserve is a habitat and feeding ground for cranes, white storks, black and middle spotted woodpeckers, red kites, quails, red-backed shrikes, wood sandpipers and whinchat. Amphibians are represented by the fire-bellied toad and great crested newt, for example. The ventral nudibranch can also be found here.

In addition to protecting the area as a habitat, it is also part of the interconnected system within the Schaalsee landscape and ensures a reduced input of nutrients and pollutants into the Schaalsee.[2]

The areas of the nature reserve belong for the most part to the Zweckverband “Schaalsee-Landschaft”, which also looks after the nature reserve.[2] The area is crossed by the district road 48 and borders on other roads in the northwest, northeast and east. To the northeast, the Eichhorst forest area adjoins the nature reserve. Otherwise, the nature reserve is bordered by agricultural land and, in the south, by other wooded areas.

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