Malik Joyeux

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Malik Joyeux

Malik Joyeux (born March 31, 1980 in Tahiti; † December 2, 2005 at Oʻahu, Hawaii, United States) was a Tahitian big wave surfer and winner of the “2004 Monster Tube Award”.

Joyeux was one of the world’s most famous surfers. He died in a surfing accident in the Banzai Pipeline in Oahu’s North Shore (Hawaii).

Malik had recently attracted the attention of the public and surf magazines in particular by surfing deep in the Teahupoo wave, which is considered to be very powerful (“sucking”), and kite-tow surfing.


  • 1999: ¼ final Gotcha Tahiti Pro
  • 2000: ¼ final Gotcha Tahiti Pro
  • 2001: Semi-finalist Volcom air show
  • 2003: Billabong XXL Heaviest Tube
  • 2004: Monster Tube Award

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