Magenta Harvest

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Magenta Harvest
General information
Origin Pietarsaari and Helsinki, Finland
Genre(s) Death metal
Foundation 2005
Current cast
Janne Manninen
Electric guitar
Timo Kontio
Jonas Frilund
Electric guitar
Timo Hanhikangas
Mathias Lillmåns
Former members
Keyboard (Studio)
Aleksi Virta

Magenta Harvest is a Finnish death metal band from Pietarsaari and Helsinki, formed in 2005.


The band started in 2005 as a duo consisting of Timo Kontion and Janne Manninen, who already knew each other from their collaboration in …And Oceans. As a starting point, they took their cue from that group’s 1995 material. In the following time they wrote their first songs. In 2009 the line-up was expanded by the addition of guitarist Timo Hanhikangas and bassist Jonas Frilund. As a result, four songs were written. The following year, Mathias Lillmåns, who is a member of Finntroll among others, joined the band. Shortly after, the band went into the studio to record the aforementioned four songs that formed the demo A Familiar Room. In 2011, the second demo Apparition of Ending was recorded, with Aleksi Virta of Finntroll playing the keyboard and taxing other sounds.[1] In 2014, the debut album Volatile Waters was released via Inverse Records.[2]


Matthias Salomon of wrote in his review of Volatile Waters that there is pure and unadulterated death metal on here. However, he thought it sounded like something went wrong with the production, as the music was bass-heavy and there was too little treble, resulting in a blurry overall sound. Characteristic of the album are the “massive riffs and [the] groovy rhythms”. However, it is not for people who like “precise instruments and clearly defined growls and screams”. Overall, they go in the direction of classic 1990s death metal, with the use of keyboards being a more modern element.[3] Marcos “The Jungle Guy” from also reviewed the album. This is Death Metal that is not only fast and aggressive, but also contains melodic passages. The guitars sound typical for Finnish Death Metal, but also incorporate influences of Swedish representatives. The bass and the drums are technically demanding, the vocals consist of growling.[4]


  • 2011: A Familiar Room (Demo, self-release)
  • 2012: Apparition of Ending (Demo, self-release)
  • 2014: Volatile Waters (Album, Inverse Records)
  • 2017: … And Then Came the Dust (Album, Apostasy Records)

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