Ludwig von Erhardt

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Johann Christoph Ludwig Erhardt, since 1835 von Erhardt (born 21 June 1787 in Hadamar; † 30 May 1872 in Breslau) was a Prussian lieutenant general and inspector of the 3rd Artillery Inspectorate.



Ludwig was the son of Johann Philipp Erhardt and his wife Karoline Wilhelmine, née Werner.

Military career

Erhardt studied at the University of Herborn, joined the Prussian Army and was seconded to the East Prussian Artillery Brigade on 18 July 1807. He advanced to the rank of second lieutenant in mid-November 1810 and took part in the battles at Eckau, Garossenkrug and Wollgund during the campaign against Russia in 1812.

During the wars of liberation he was adjutant to the leader of the artillery of the I Army Corps. At the Battle of the Katzbach, Erhardt earned the Iron Cross II Class. He fought at Leipzig, Laon and Paris, took part in the crossing at Wartenburg as well as in the battles at Löwenberg, Goldberg, Bunzlau, Hochkirch, Freyburg, Eisenach, Saarlouis, St.Dizier, La Chaussee, Chalons-sur-Marne, Montmirail, Chateau-Thierry, La Fere and Meaux. He received several commendations for Claye.

On April 12, 1815, Erhardt was transferred to the Riding Guard Artillery and promoted to premier lieutenant in mid-June 12, 1815. On April 12, 1816, he rose to captain and chief of the 2nd Riding Company of the Guards Artillery Brigade. He then joined the Inspector General of Artillery as Adjutant on 23 June 1824 and was aggregated to the Guards Artillery Brigade on 14 July 1824. He was then promoted to major on April 21, 1828. On 10 September 1835, Erhardt was assigned to command the 5th Artillery Brigade. In this position he received the Order of Saint Anne II Class on 30 September 1835 and was raised to hereditary Prussian nobility on 19 October 1835.

On 18 March 1836 he was appointed brigadier and on 3 April 1836 Erhardt was also a member of the examination commission for artillery lieutenants and from November 1837 a member of the commission for drawing up new service regulations for the army. The Russian Czar awarded Erhardt the Order of St. Anne with diamonds on June 8, 1838, and presented him with a cipher box of diamonds on February 24, 1839. He was promoted to lieutenant colonel on March 30, 1839, received the Order of Saint Vladimir III class on September 26, 1843, and advanced to colonel by mid-September 1846. On March 27, 1847, Erhardt was appointed Inspector of the 3rd Artillery Inspectorate, with promotion to Major General. On March 23, 1852, he was promoted to lieutenant general. On April 18, 1854, he received his retirement with pension. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Prussian Riding Artillery, the King awarded him the Order of the Red Eagle I Class with Oak Leaves. He died on 30 May 1872 in Breslau.

The Inspector General of Artillery, Prince Adalbert of Prussia, wrote in his evaluation on December 30, 1847: “A soldier in body and soul, he also proves himself in his new sphere of activity, to which his chivalrous disposition, his energy, his good general and artillery education, his prudence and dexterity in commanding troops, his lively activity and his great zeal for service make him particularly well suited.”


Erhardt married Wilhelmine Amalie Bode (1792-1857), daughter of the court astronomer Johann Elert Bode, on 21 May 1815 at the Dorotheenstädtische Kirche in Berlin. The couple had several children:

  • Rudolf Otto Adalbert (1816-1882), Prussian major general ⚭ Caroline Herrmanna von Knobelsdorff (1819-1887) (Dutch line)
  • Otto Ludwig (1823-1850), Prussian first lieutenant, killed at Friedrichstadt
  • Anna ⚭ 1857 Ottokar Alfred von Tilly (1823-1881), Lieutenant-General


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