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Luciano Emmer with Marina Vlady, Magali Noël and Bernard Fresson (1960)

Luciano Emmer (born 19 January 1918 in Milan; † 16 September 2009 in Rome) was an Italian film director and screenwriter.


Emmer dropped out of law school and first became known for documentaries, which he shot and produced from 1941 onwards; among them quite a few on art subjects. With Enrico Gras he founded the “Dolomiti Film” for their production.[1] He worked in this field of his work till his death. In 1950 he turned to feature films in the style of neorealism with the episodic film A Sunday in August. The three follow-up films, including The Three from Spanish Square, also received above-average reviews.

In 1957 he was involved in the launch of the 10-minute television programme Carosello, of which he is considered the inventor; the programme in the advertising environment, which experimented with new forms, animation and moderation, continued until 1977. From the mid-1960s Emmer turned mainly to television work; he also directed for German television(The Thieving Twins, 6-part series with Alice and Ellen Kessler). In 1990 he returned with Basta! Adesso tocca a noi; it was the prelude to a rich late work in comparison to his other production output.


In 1951, Emmer received a Golden Globe Award for the documentary Pictura.

Filmography (selection)

  • 1950: A Sunday in August (Domenica d’agosto)
  • 1951: Parigi è sempre Parigi
  • 1952: The Three from Spanish Square (Le ragazze di Piazza di Spagna)
  • 1954: Camilla
  • 1954: The last day of school (Terza liceo)
  • 1955: Bigamy is no pleasure (Il bigamo)
  • 1956: Frauennot – Frauenglück (Il momento più bello)
  • 1961: Girl in the shop window (La ragazza in vetrina)
  • 1990: Basta! Adesso tocca a noi
  • 2001: Una lunga lunga notte d’amore
  • 2003: L’acqua… il fuoco
  • 2006: Le flame del paradis


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