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Lömsch Lehmann (2014 in Marburg)

Lömsch Lehmann (civil name: Bernd Lehmann, * 17 January 1966 in Dudenhofen) is a German jazz musician and composer with the main instruments clarinet, tenor saxophone and baritone saxophone.

Life and work

In the music scene of the Palatinate and northern Baden, Lömsch Lehmann began training as a classical clarinetist with Hans Pfeiffer at the Heidelberg/Mannheim Academy of Music. He won several times at Jugend musiziert and was a member of the Chamber Music Ensemble Rhineland-Palatinate and the Jazz Orchestra Rhineland-Palatinate.

As early as 1982 he was additionally occupied with the tenor saxophone and since 2001 also with the baritone saxophone. In particular, Lömsch Lehmann influenced improvised music. In 1986 he founded the group Grey Eminence, with whom he also created award-winning sound art radio works in collaboration with the director Heinz von Cramer.

The musician has been playing with Underkarl, a band founded in 1993 by Cologne bassist Sebastian Gramss, since its inception. The band’s main aim is to make humour an integral part of their music, which transcends the boundaries of jazz, rock and dance music. With Underkarl more than 500 performances can be recorded.
Sebastian Gramss and Lömsch Lehmann have also been performing as the duo knoM.t since 1999. Lömsch Lehmann has also attracted attention with his duos and occasional trios with Erwin Ditzner and Markus Faller. In doing so, they also seek the connection to contemporary art through corresponding collaborations.

With clarinet and saxophone, Lehmann was a member of Mardi, an internationally renowned blues/brass band, from 2001 to 2008.

Lehmann is one of the representatives of modern jazz improvisation. In addition to tours and concerts in North America and Africa, he is represented at numerous festivals in Europe.

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