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Liu Hongyu (Chinese .mw-parser-output

刘宏宇, pinyinLiú Hóngyǔ; * January 11, 1975 in Liaoning Province) is a former Chinese walker

Liu set a world record of 1:27:30 h in the 20-km road walk in Beijing on May 1, 1995.

She won the 1998 Asian Games in the 10-km road walk and finished eighth at the 1995 World Championships. At the 1997 World Championships, she finished fourth in the 10,000-meter track walk in 43:56.86 min.

At the 1999 World Championships, the 20 km distance was contested for the first time. Liu Hongyu won gold in 1:30:50 h, two seconds ahead of her compatriot Wang Yan. In 2001 she won gold at the East Asian Games over 20 km

With a height of 1.64 m, her competition weight was 51 kg.

Best times

  • 10.000 m track walk: 42:38,24 min (1995)
  • 10 km road walk: 41:45 min (1999)
  • 20 km road walking: 1:26:35 h (2001)


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