Liste der Klassischen Philologen an der Ruhr-Universität Bochum

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The list of classical philologists at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum lists renowned university teachers of this subject who worked at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB), which was founded in 1962.

The Department of Classical Philology was founded in 1965 with two full professorships, focusing on Greek and Latin Studies respectively. The first holders were Hellmut Flashar and Godo Lieberg. In 1968 a third chair of Classical Philology was established, which was held by Robert Schröter. After the founding professors, Bernd Effe, Gerhard Binder and Siegmar Döpp held the professorships. Döpp’s successor was Reinhold F. Glei in 1996. The professorships for Greek and Latin Studies I were converted into C3 and W2 positions in 2003 and 2006, respectively.

List of Classical Philologists

Scientists RUB Functions
Highest position achieved at the RUB.1
Special features, background, other information.
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Hellmut Flashar (* 1929) 1965 1982 Professor Chair of Greek Studies; moved to Munich Hellmut Flashar.jpg
Manfred Landfester (* 1937) 1964 1980 Professor Assistant, habilitated in 1970, later adjunct professor and professor; moved to Gießen
Alexander Kleinlogel (1929-2007) 1965 1994 non-professorial professor Student councillor in university service, apl. prof.
Godo Lieberg (1929-2016) 1965 1981 Professor Chair of Latin Studies
Robert Schröter (1921-2014) 1968 1986 Professor Chair of Latin Studies II
Wilhelm Kierdorf (* 1938) 196? 2003 Professor Assistant, 1980 habilitated, 1991 professor
Rudolf Rieks (* 1937) 1973 1978 non-professorial professor 1973 habilitated, 1975 apl. prof.; moved to Bamberg
Gerhard Binder (* 1937) 1982 2002 Professor Successor of Lieberg; specialist for Roman poetry, culture and history of the Augustan period
Karl-Wilhelm Weeber (* 1950) 1983 Lecturer Honorary professor for ancient history in Wuppertal; in Bochum lecturer for subject didactics Karl-Wilhelm Weeber Passbild.jpg
Bernd Effe (* 1944) 1984 2007 Professor Successor to Flashar; specialist in epic, drama, didactic poetry, Greek philosophy and reception of antiquities
Siegmar Döpp (* 1941) 1987 1995 Professor Successor of Schröter; specialist for golden and silver Latinity as well as Latin literature of late antiquity; moved to Göttingen
Thomas Paulsen (* 1959) 1993 2004 University lecturer Specialist in Greek literature, habilitated in 1998; moved to Frankfurt am Main
Reinhold F. Glei (* 1959) 1996 Professor Successor to Döpp, specialist in the reception of antiquities and Christian literature
Claudia Klodt (* 1961) 2002 Professor Successor of Binder, specialist for late republican and imperial literature
Peter Hibst 2003 Private lecturer Head of the Studienseminar in Siegen, previously research assistant at the Chair of Medieval History II (Ruhr University Bochum)
Christian Schulze (* 1970) 2007 Private lecturer Medical historian; since 2007 lecturer at the Department of Classical Philology
Fritz Felgentreu (* 1967) 2008 2009 Chair Representative Specialist for literature of the imperial age and late antiquity; representative of the chair for Greek Studies Fritz Felgentreu.jpg
Manuel Baumbach (* 1970) 2009 Professor Successor effes
Karl Galinsky (* 1942) 2009 2012 Visiting Professor Professor at the University of Austin, Texas; winner of the Max Planck Research Award, head of a junior research group on memory research
Timothy Moore 2011 2011 Visiting Professor Professor at the University of Austin, Texas; DAAD Visiting Professor in the summer semester 2011
1 At other universities, the lecturer in question may have had an even more advanced academic career.

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