List of the bishops of Merseburg

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Coat of arms of the diocese of Merseburg

The list of the bishops of Merseburg presents the bishops of the diocese of Merseburg

Boso was elected the first bishop of Merseburg in 968. From 981 to 1004 the bishopric was abolished. The religious centre was Merseburg Cathedral. The coat of arms of the bishopric shows a black cross on a golden background. In late bishop’s coats of arms, this coat of arms motif merges with that of the family coat of arms of the respective bishop to form a crossing. The family coats of arms shown in the list are taken from Siebmacher’s coat of arms book of 1605, among others

As a result of the Reformation, the diocese dissolved, the monastery area came to Electoral Saxony in 1565 and was later part of the short-lived Duchy of Saxony-Merseburg. Saxon electors from the house of the Albertines and their sons as secondary rulers acted as administrators. The former bishoprics can be recognized in the division of Electoral Saxony into districts and offices. The later successors can be taken from the list of Electors, Dukes and Kings of Saxony

List of the bishops of Merseburg

No. Name Tenure Note Display Coat of arms
01 Boso 0968–0970 first bishop of Merseburg
02 Giselher 0971–0981 Giselher was subsequently archbishop of Magdeburg (981-1004).
Abolition 0981–1004
03 Wigbert 1004–1009
04 Thietmar 1009–1019 Walbeck
05 Bruno 1020–1036
06 Hunold 1036–1050
07 Alberich 1050–1053
08 Winther 1053
09 Ezzelin I 1053–1055
10 Woffo 1057–1062 also Uffo, Onuphrius[1]
11 Wynither 1063 only six weeks, also Günther
12 Werner 1063–1085 1075 imprisoned by King Henry IV
Eppo 1085–?[2] instituted by Henry IV
Werner ?–1093 reinstated, 1080 Rudolf of Rheinfelden was buried in Merseburg, 1091 consecrated St. Peter’s Monastery Merseburg
13 Albuin 1097–1112 Pegau Monastery consecrated
14 Gerhard 1112–1120
15 Arnold 1120–1126
16 Megingoz 1126–1140 also Meingod
17 Henry I 1140–1140
18 Ezzelin II. 1140–1143 also corner helmet
19 Reinhard von Querfurt 1143–1151 Querfurt-St-Wappen Sm.png
Family coat of arms
20 John I. 1151–1170
21 Eberhard of Seeburg 1171–1201 Count of Seeburg
22 Dietrich of Meissen 1201–1215
23 Ekkehard Rabil 1215–1240 also Engelhard
24 Rudolf von Webau 1240–1244
25 Henry II of Ware 1244–1265
26 Albrecht I of Borna 1265
27 Frederick I of Torgau 1265–1283
28 Henry III of Ammendorf 1283–1300 Ammendorf.jpg
Family coat of arms
29 Henry IV Kindt 1300–1319
30 Gebhard von Schrapelau 1320–1340 younger brother of Archbishop Burchard III. (Magdeburg)
31 Henry V of Stolberg 1341–1357 Henry V came from the family of the counts of Stolberg. Stolberg wappen.svg
Family coat of arms
32 Frederick II of Hoym 1357–1382 Hoym-Wappen.png
Family coat of arms
33 Burkhard von Querfurt 1382–1384 Burkhard came from the family of Querfurt. Querfurt-St-Wappen Sm.png
Family coat of arms
Andreas Dauba 1382–1385 from the family of Dauba, counter-bishop Leipa-Wappen1-Sm.png
Family coat of arms
34 Henry VI of Stolberg 1384–1393 Henry VI came from the family of the counts of Stolberg. Stolberg wappen.svg
Family coat of arms
35 Henry VII Schütz of Orlamünde 1393–1403 Orlamünde Grafen ältere Linie.jpg
Family coat of arms
36 Otto von Honstein 1403–1406 Otto came from the count family of Hohnstein. Wappen Honstein.jpg
Family coat of arms
37 Henry (VIII) zu Stolberg 1406 Heinrich came from the family of the counts of Stolberg, coadjutor, elected by the cathedral chapter Stolberg wappen.svg
Family coat of arms
38 Walther von Köckritz 1407–1411 Köckritz-Wappen.png
Family coat of arms
39 Nicholas Lubich 1411–1431
40 Johann II. Bose of Ammendorf and Ermlitz 1431–1463 Merseburg Dom Epitaph 152.jpg
Epitaph in Merseburg Cathedral
Bose-Wappen SWb.png
Family coat of arms
41 Johann III von Werder 1464–1466 Merseburg Dom Epitaph 154.jpg
Epitaph in Merseburg Cathedral
42 Thilo von Trotha 1466–1514 Trotha.jpg
Supraport in Merseburg Castle
Family coat of arms, depiction of brother Hans von Trotha
43 Adolf of Anhalt-Zerbst 1514–1526 Adolf was already appointed as administrator from 1507 to 1514.
44 Vincent de Schleinitz 1526–1535 Vincent came from the von Schleinitz family. Vinzenz von Schlenitz Grabmal in Naumburg.jpg
Tomb in Naumburg Cathedral
Merseburg, Schloss, Innenhof, 017.jpg
45 Sigismund von Lindenau 1535–1544 Merseburg Dom 204 Wappen Lindenau.jpg
August of Saxony 1544–1548 ev. administrator Lucas Cranach d. J. 004.jpg
August of Saxony, painting by Lucas Cranach the Younger.
Chur Sachsen.jpg
Electoral coat of arms in Siebmacher’s coat of arms book
George III of Anhalt 1545–1549 evangelical coadjutor Georg III von Anhalt Dessau.jpg
Contemporary woodcut
46 Michael Helding 1549–1561 Last Catholic Bishop
Alexander of Saxony 1561–1565 Diocesan Administrator Alexander, Kurprinz von Sachsen.jpg
Contemporary painting


  1. Offo was first Eichstätter Domkämmerer, see e.g. Anonymus von Herrieden
  2. Henry appoints Eppo as Bishop of Merseburg against Werner.Retrieved 20 July 2018.



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