List of parishes in the deanery of Brixen im Thale

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The Deanery of Brixen im Thale is a deanery of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Salzburg, in the Tyrolean diocesan area.

List of parishes with church buildings, chapels, and pastoral offices

Location Parish association Since Catholics Patrocinium Churches, chaplaincies Image
Brixen im Thale[1] 1 8.(original parish , sacral remains 3rdcentury ) 2200 Saints Assumption and Martin (15 August / 11 November) Brixen im Thale Parish Church

, Grabnerkapelle, Wallfahrtskapelle am Harlaßanger (Mariä Heimsuchung), Häuslkapelle, Wallfahrtskapelle Hohe Salve (Hl.

Johannes d. T.), Jagerkapelle Lauterbach, Jaggeikapelle, Jordankapelle am Salvenberg, Obinger Chapel, Samerkapelle, Straif Chapel, Weidach Chapel
Dekanatskirche in Brixen im Thale.JPG
Hopfgarten in the Brixen Valley[3] 2 1858 (Ki. gen. 1355, own parish from 1400, vicariate 1669) 3550 Saints James the Elder and Leonhard (25 July / 6 November) Parish church Hopfgarten im Brixental


Elsbethenkapelle Hopfgarten, Kreuzkapelle Penningdörfl, Praderkapelle

Hopfgarten im Brixental parish church.jpg
Itter 2 1891 (1761 vicariate of Kirchbichl, castle gen. 1241) 1000 St. Joseph ( March19 ) Itter Parish Church


Antonius Chapel Oberlaiming, Itter Castle Chapel

Kelchsau (municipality of Hopfgarten) 2 1891 (Pfk. erb. 1849/50, 1. Ki. gen. 1355 as branch) 0600 St. Rupert (27 March, trans. d.Geb. 24 September) Parish church Kelchsau


Mariahilfkapelle Kelchsau, Markkirchl at the Salzachjoch

Ortskern Kelchsau im Winter.jpg
Kirchberg in Tirol 1 1891 (gen. 1333, 1st ki. 8th/9th c.?)[4] 3650 St. Ulrich v.A. (4 July) Parish church Kirchberg in Tirol

: Expository church Aschau

Boar chapel Sporerberg, pilgrimage chapel at Kirchanger (U.L.F u. St. Anna), Swede chapel in Klausen

Westendorf 1 1891 (1st Ki. gen. 1320) 3050 St. Nicholas ( December6 ) Westendorf Parish Church


Ahornau Chapel, Jordan Chapel on the Salvenberg, Joseph Chapel at the cemetery, Lourdes Chapel

Pfarrkirche hl. Nikolaus Westendorf Tyrol 3.JPG

Deanery Brixen im Thale

The deanery comprises six parishes in the Brixental, a side valley of the Inntal near Wörgl.


The original parish of the Brixen Valley, Brixen im Thale, was built as early as the 8th cent,[5] perhaps as early as the 7th century, and is one of the oldest mother parishes in Tyrol. The parish area initially included Brixen, Westendorf, Hopfgarten, Kirchberg and Aschau. From 1216 the parish was subject to the bishopric of Chiemsee, then to the bishopric of Salzburg, and from 1280 to the bishopric of Regensburg. It was not until the end of the 18th century that the Brixental also became part of Salzburg in ecclesiastical terms, and in 1816 the complete organisational unification of the Brixental was decided.[6]

The parish of Hopfgarten, which already had two priests of its own around 1400 and was a vicariate from 1669, was elevated to a parish in 1858. In 1891 four more parishes were created, and Brixen as a deanery. When the diocese of Innsbruck was established in 1964, the Brixen Valley and the whole of eastern North Tyrol remained with Salzburg.

With the decree of 8 December 2008, legally effective from 1 January 2009, parish associations were established, so that in the Brixen Valley there are now only two parish priests.


The parishes form three parish associations:

  1. Brixen im Thale – Kirchberg in Tirol – Westendorf (eastern Brixen valley with southern side valleys)
  2. Hopfgarten – Itter – Kelchsau (western Brixen valley with side valley)


  • 1983-2013 Gustav Leitner
  • since 2013 Sebastian Kitzbichler, parish priest of Hopfgarten im Brixental[7][8]
  • since 2019 Michael Anrain, parish priest of Brixen im Thale[9]

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  1. The parish area coincides with the political municipality. The two pilgrimage churches of Hohe Salve in the care of Brixen are on neighbouring parish land: Hohe Salve in Westendorf, Harlaßanger church in Kirchberg.
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