List of natural monuments in Breitscheid (Westerwald)

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The list of natural monuments in Breitscheid names the natural monuments designated in the municipal area of Breitscheid (as of 9 October 2013).[1][2]

No. Designation Location Description Image
ND-7138-452 Oaks Nassen, opposite Marienstraße 29
{ “location”.)
Quercus sp.
ND-7138-453 Oak Group Lead oath, district Vorn im Hertchen
{ “location”.)
Quercus sp.
ND-7138-454 Beech southeast of Breitscheid, district Am Heiligenstock
{ “location”.)
Fagus sylvatica
ND-7138-473 Rusty-breasted Ground Dove southwest of Breitscheid, district Häuptchen
{ “location”.)
also Roßbacher Häuptchen; extensive natural monument, approx. 1.8 ha; basalt formation

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