List of cultural monuments in Wuhsen

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The list of cultural monuments in Wuhsen contains the cultural monuments in the Nossen district of Wuhsen that are included in the official list of monuments of the Saxony State Office for the Preservation of Monuments.


  • Image: shows a picture of the cultural monument and, where appropriate, a link to other photos of the cultural monument in the Wikimedia Commons media archive
  • Designation: Name, designation or the type of cultural monument
  • Location: If available, street name and house number of the cultural monument; the list is sorted according to this address. The link Map leads to various map displays and gives the coordinates of the cultural monument.
Map view to set coordinates. In this map view, cultural monuments without coordinates are shown with a red or orange marker and can be set on the map. Cultural monuments without a picture are marked with a blue or red marker, cultural monuments with a picture with a green or orange marker.
  • Dating: indicates the year of completion or the date of the first mention or the period of construction
  • Description: structural and historical details of the cultural monument, preferably the monument characteristics
  • ID: is assigned by the Saxony State Office for the Preservation of Monuments. It uniquely identifies the cultural monument. The link leads to a PDF document of the Landesamt für Denkmalpflege Sachsen, which summarizes the information of the monument, contains a map sketch and often a detailed description. For former cultural monuments sometimes no ID is given, if one is given, this is the former ID. The corresponding link leads to an empty document at the state office. The ID column may also contain the following icon Notification-icon-Wikidata-logo.svg, which leads to information about this cultural monument at Wikidata.


Image Designation Location Dating Description ID
Residential barn Wuhsen 1
after 1850 Upper storey half-timbered, of architectural importance.

Sandstone window jambs.


Stable house (No. 4) and side building (No. 3) of a former four-sided farmstead Wuhsen 3; 4
circa 1800 both buildings upper floor half-timbered, residential stable house in the entrance area star vault, of architectural importance. 09269676

Two side buildings and barn of a four-sided farmstead Wuhsen 8
1. Half 19th century striking half-timbered ensemble, testimony to rural architecture and folk architecture of its time, significant in terms of architectural and economic history.

Barn with half-timbering throughout, the two side buildings with half-timbering on the upper floor, the residential stable house dated 1882 no monument.


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