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The following list contains the cultural monuments designated in the monument topography on the territory of the town of Oberursel, district Oberstedten, Hochtaunuskreis, Hesse.

Note: The order of the monuments in this list is based first on city districts and then on the address. Alternatively, they can also be sorted according to the designation, the number assigned by the State Office for the Preservation of Monuments or the period of construction.

The basis is the publication of the Hessian list of monuments, which was first compiled on the basis of the Monument Protection Act of 5 September 1986 and has been continuously supplemented since then.


Image Designation Location Description Construction time Object no.
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Barn Zins’sche Mühle Oberstedten, Furtweg 20

Land register: 1, plot: 324/1
The fourth of the twelve mills on the Dornbach is named after Johann Georg Zins, who has been listed as a master miller in the Homburg miller’s guild since 1774. The new mill was built in 1796. It initially produced paper, later cardboard. From 1820 onwards, cardboard covers were produced. In 1885 the mill became property of Prussia, in 1962 the property was privatized again. After the residential building was demolished in 2000, only the half-timbered barn remains. 1796 100314

Hauptstraße 26
Residence Oberstedten, main street 26

Land register: 5, plot: 119/5
The detached two-story building is an example of the original gabled development on Main Street. early 18th century 100315

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Residence Oberstedten, main street 36

Land register: 6, plot: 222/17, 291/206
Residential building of a former farmstead. around 1700 100316

Heinrich-Kappus-Weg 17
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Property population Reichssiedlungshof Oberstedten, Heinrich Kappus Weg 4-17; Ahornweg 91; Jean-Sauer-Weg 1-16; Neuhausstraße 26a,b; Robert-Kempner-Ring 42; Settlement Teaching Yard

Land parcel: 10, land parcel: various land parcels
Parts of the Reichssiedlungshof were later used as Dulag Luft and Camp King. since 1938 738413

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Evangelical Saint Nicholas Church Oberstedten, Kirchstraße 28

Land register: 6, plot: 81/2
1706 100317

Kirchstraße 32
Residence Oberstedten, Kirchstraße 32

Land parcel: 6, land parcel: 86/3
Two-storey half-timbered house in the immediate vicinity of the church. 1. Half of the 18th century 100318

Ehrenmal, Rückseite
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Memorial Oberstedten, Saalburgstraße without number (old cemetery)

Area: 6, Parcel: 64/4
Monument created by stonemason K. Gauf from Weißkirchen for the fallen of the German-French war 1870/71 1876 100552


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