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Liebenau Castle manor house

Liebenau Castle is the Baroque manor house of an estate in the small North Hessian town of Liebenau in the district of Kassel. It stands in the Burggasse on the site of a former moated castle.


The predecessor castle was built before 1293 and was successively owned by the lords Rabe von Pappenheim, von Löwenstein-Westerburg and Spiegel von Desenberg,[1] who held it as feudatories of the Paderborn diocese. The castle was destroyed around 1465 in the course of the Hesse-Paderborn feud between the diocese of Paderborn and Landgrave Ludwig II of Hesse. In the peace treaty concluded two years later, Paderborn had to cede the castle and the town of Liebenau to the landgrave. The Liebenau fortifications were then of no strategic value and gradually fell into disrepair. In 1572 it no longer existed.[2]

An estate was built on the remains of the former moated castle after the 16th century and named Liebenau Castle. The manor house has a mansard roof and is privately owned. In the 19th century extensions were added.


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