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Lehrer-Online was developed as a project of Schulen ans Netz e. V., a non-profit association with a social educational mission, and was funded by the BMBF. In 2008, lo-net GmbH was founded as the operating company for Lehrer-Online and lo-net². In 2014, the GmbH was renamed Eduversum GmbH.

The portal Lehrer-Online offers teachers, trainee teachers and student teachers a partly free, partly fee-based Internet service on the use of new media in schools. The focus is on concrete teaching units from the school practice of the various school types and school levels, as well as various net-based tools, which are to be used by teachers in a pedagogically meaningful way and without major preparations in everyday teaching.


The idea behind Lehrer-Online was to offer teachers suggestions and assistance in integrating computers and the Internet into subject lessons and other school contexts in a profitable way. After the association Schulen ans Netz e. V. had already equipped German schools with Internet access for two years, the content-oriented offer Lehrer-Online was developed in 1998 to accompany this equipment initiative.

In 2008, Schulen ans Netz e. V. and DigiOnline GmbH jointly founded lo-net GmbH as the operating company for Lehrer-Online and lo-net² in order to ensure the continuation of the portals even after the expiry of federal funding. At the end of 2009, Universum Verlag, Wiesbaden, joined as a shareholder. After the interim withdrawal of DigiOnline GmbH (2010) and the association Schulen ans Netz (2011) as shareholders, Eduversum GmbH, Wiesbaden,[1] is the operating company of the portal Lehrer-Online. The shareholders are Sirius eEducation GmbH and Pabst Media Beteiligungs GmbH.

In July 2016, Lehrer-Online was revised and offers new personalisation options, some of which are chargeable.[2]


Lehrer-Online is an Internet service free of charge in the basic offer, which provides prospective teachers and teachers working in schools with information about the use of digital media in schools.

The core of the offer are the practical teaching portals for primary school, vocational training and subjects of secondary levels I and II. The main focus of the portals are the materials in the teaching practice section. Here you will find complete teaching series with worksheets, Internet resources and didactic commentary on various topics of the respective subjects or school types, some of which are free of charge and some of which are associated with costs.

Together with the German Education Server Lehrer-Online offers[3] offers an integrated search for teaching and learning materials from the joint resource pool ELIXIER of the state education servers, the German Education Server and the FWU.[4] Furthermore, there is a cooperation with the Zentrale für Unterrichtsmedien im Internet ([5]


The authors are specialist teachers for Lehrer-Online who already actively use the new media in their lessons and publish tried and tested lesson plans on Lehrer-Online. The material is designed in such a way that it can be adapted to one’s own lessons. The practical teaching offer is accompanied by subject-specific news and dates, which refer to competitions and events. A forum is used for communication among colleagues and is supervised by subject advisors who support the editorial team with their experience from school practice.

In addition, the site offers further information areas on media competence, new media law and a “News” area with daily news and events from the areas of schools, education and new media.

Lehrer-Online is supervised by an editorial team consisting of educational specialists. The editors research news and dates and supervise the authors.


The lo-net service was terminated in 2006 and replaced by the lo-net² platform. The lo-net network was a working platform for teaching in “virtual classrooms” and electronic exchange between teachers and students. A virtual classroom consisted of its own e-mail service, a forum, an appointment calendar and the possibility to provide files for fellow users.


Since November 2006 there is lo-net², a licensed version of WebWeaver School,[6] as a further development of the lo-net work platform. Among other things, a messenger, notes, bookmarks and wikis have been added. lo-net no longer belongs to Lehrer-Online. Since 23 November 2010, Cornelsen Verlag is the new owner of the platform.


With the interactive platform Primolo, children between the ages of eight and twelve, accompanied by their educational specialists, learn to use and design the Internet safely. At the heart of the Primolo platform is the website generator – a tool for the simple creation of websites in school and non-school educational settings. Primolo is offered by Eduversum GmbH. The current version of Primolo went online in September 2011.

Primolo combines elements of an editorially supervised children’s site with those of a community. While the former Primolo was primarily aimed at primary school classes, now lower secondary school classes and groups and extracurricular education (in daycare centres, youth centres, libraries) can also be registered by their teachers or educational specialists.

The new platform is supplemented by a wide range of editorial content and additional digital functions. For example, children can also read the latest news and click tips, create their own profile in a private area, create photo albums, write messages and much more.

For teachers, there is a special area in which materials on the use of Primolo and other media education topics are made available. This is expanded by a community in which educators can network and exchange ideas.

Primolo is sponsored by “A Net for Children”. This is a joint initiative of politics, business and institutions for the protection of young people in the media, the aim of which is to create an attractive and safe surfing space for children aged eight to twelve. The initiative is sponsored by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media and the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.


The current operating company of Lehrer-Online, Eduversum Verlag in Wiesbaden, has been owned by two holding companies since 2015. Former connections to the FDP were thus terminated. Today, Eduversum develops digital education projects on behalf of or funded by ministries, foundations or associations.[7]

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