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Largus T. Angenent, also Lars Agenent, (born 1969) is a Dutch microbiologist and bioengineer.

Angenent studied at Wageningen University and Iowa State University, where he received his PhD. In 2002 he became Assistant Professor at Washington University, in 2008 Associate Professor and in 2015 Professor at Cornell University. In 2017, he received a Humboldt Professorship at the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen.

He is involved in bioprocess engineering with microbes (synthesis of fuels and chemicals), for example for the production of methane as a fuel from biomass-derived carbon with microbes and with methods of electrochemistry (Microbial Electrochemical Technologies, MET). To this end, he and his American collaborator Dr. Jeff Fornero founded a company in the USA (6 Convert), which later merged with the USA startup Electrochaea (now in Munich). Angenent works with open bacterial cultures (reactor microbiome), controlled mixed cultures or pure bacterial cultures and with anaerobic digestion, anaerobic fermentation, bioelectrochemical systems (also for storing energy from electricity), syngas fermentation and acetone-butanol-ethanol fermentation (ABE fermentation). He has founded a second company (Capro-X) in the USA with his American collaborator Dr. Juan Guzman.

In 2014 he was a visiting professor in Ghent. In 2007 he received the Career Award of the National Science Foundation and in 2008 he was Kavli Fellow

He is married to the British developmental biologist Ruth Ley

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