Lake Elmo

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Lake Elmo
Elmsee with Pühringerhütte, in the background the salt oven
Geographical position Styria, Austria
Drain underground via Lahngang lakes to Toplitzsee → Toplitz → Grundlsee → Traun → Danube → Black Sea[1][2]
Near shore place Grundlsee
Coordinates 47° 41′ 12″ N, 13° 57′ 46″ OCoordinates 47° 41′ 12″ N, 13° 57′ 46″ O
Elmsee (Steiermark)

Elevation 1621 m a.s.l.
Area 1.8 ha
Length 180 m
Wide 140 m
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The small Elmsee is located in the Tote Gebirge on the Styrian side of the Salzkammergut in Austria. The nearest town is Gößl am Grundlsee. The Elmsee he is located at the foot of the Elm at about 1621 m abovesea level.[3] The Elmsee is a (superficially) drainless trough lake and drains, like the Dreibrüdersee, presumably underground into the Lahngangseen and from there again underground via Vorderbach and Hinterbach into the Toplitzsee.[1][2]

The shore in the northwest is rocky with boulders, otherwise the lake has a wide shore area with sand or mineral mud. The shore falls rather flat, hairy-leaved water crowfoot grows here very frequently.
Following this, at a depth of about 50 cm, there is an extensive belt consisting of mirror pondweed and long-leaved pondweed.

East of it is the Pühringerhütte, a refuge of the ÖAV. Lake Elm belongs to the Austrian Federal Forests and is currently privately leased.


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