Kong Harald’s Dyssey

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Kongstrup stendysse

Kong Haralds Dysse is located in Kongstrup on the Røsnæs peninsula on Zealand in Denmark.

The chamber of the polygonal dolmen consists of five supporting stones and a large capstone. The stones of the passage lying approximately to the south are missing. In the chamber of the dolmen lies a small pile of reading stones. The chamber lies in a mound about 0.9 m high about 10 m from the road Røsnæsvej.

Mythical king names are also linked to prehistoric monuments in other places in Denmark

  • Kong Asger Høj (on Møn),
  • Kong Grøns Høj, Kong Svends Høj (all on Lolland),
  • Kong Holms Høj, Kong Humbles Grav, Kong Renes Høj (all on Langeland)
  • Kong Lavses Grav (on Lyø)
  • Kong Knaps Dige (a rampart), Kong Lavses Grav, Kong Rans Høj (all on Jutland),
  • Kong Øres Grav, Kong Skjolds Høj, Kong Slags Dysse, Kong Svends Høj (a burial mound) and Kong Suders Høj (all on Zealand).

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